Monday and Wednesday classes at your place on Zoom:
Yoga for Everyone – 6:00 pm
Yoga for Healing – 7:45 pm

Saturday mornings at Cranford Community Center & Zoom:
9:00 am – I&A (Intermediate & Advanced)
10:30 am – Yoga for Everyone

Details are on the Schedule Page

Yoga for Everyday People!

The next sound bath is scheduled for 3/26/23
Details on the Avalon Sound Journey Page

Services Offered

Hatha yoga
Yin Yoga
Yoga for Healing
Sun Salutation
Moon Salutation
Aroma Yoga
Pre-natal and post-natal
Children’s and young adult

One-person private lessons here
Private or semi-private group lessons
at your place

“I’m doing very well since my open heart surgery. Yoga made such a difference in my life. Before yoga I did not know how to breathe, I did not stretch. I got in the habit of doing both things and I was in very good shape for the operation. Recuperation is going very well. I was very moved when I received the card from the class signed by everybody. I felt a sense of community, that we are a group with an identity. It’s all a reflection of you and your hard work.”

~Mireya T.

“I have only met two Yoga Instructors who were in my opinion are the best and Bridget happens to be one of them. I have taken several classes with Bridget over the years and highly recommend her.”

~Barbara K

“I took yoga classes with Bridget for almost five years (until I moved). She was the best teacher I’ve had and helped me stay in shape in a very positive, peaceful way.  I still hear her saying yoga is all about “effort without violence”.  She embodies the principles of yoga as well as the practice.”

~Diane B

“Bridget is patient and encouraging and makes learning yoga into a fun experience.”

~Monica S.

“Bridget’s yoga in the park is one of the best things I do for myself. It’s great for all levels, and the outdoor setting lends itself to having a true yoga experience!”

~Caroline R.

“Yoga teacher extraordinaire!”

~Sangeeta P.



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